Our operational support consultancy spans planning of ATS routes and design of airspace structures, capacity analyses and simulations, operational transition planning and operational readiness.



No fixed and pre-determined process and solutions.

Tailored approach for clients according to their needs and circumstances, leading to unique solutions.

Work alongside board members, senior management, and investors to formulate and drive their agendas for their organizations



We are strategic and operational people; our detailed understanding of the business feeds our strategic thinking, leading to strategies formulated on practical and real world assumptions and possibilities.



Wide range of service offerings to add value to our clients in different projects.


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flexible solutions for

                 your operational needs



Our operational support consultancy spans planning of ATS routes and design of airspace structures, capacity analyses and simulations, operational transition planning and operational readiness.


System design and implementation

Introduction of new CNS/ATM operational and technical concepts to ANSPs, airlines and other airspace users working with ICAO and a wide spectrum of aviation stakeholders.


Civil Aviation Strategy and policy development

Support airlines, airports, ANSPs and regulatory institutions to face more complex environment and challenges.


Airspace Planning and design

Enhance operations through more efficient airspace designs, Performance Based Navigation (PBN) and Optimized Profile Descents (OPD).


Airport Collaborative DecisioN Making (A-CDM)

Development of integrated processes, from flight planning to landing and the subsequent turnaround process on the ground before the next take-off taking into consideration the needs and readiness of the users.



Development of State Safety Programme (SSP) incorporating an integrated Continuous Management Approach (CMA) methodology for capacity strengthening.



Development of integrated safety management system under ICAO SARPs for ANSPs and Airports including safety risk management service, Risk assessment for CNS/ATM and Technical support.

strategic advisory

JSI Aviation Consulting has the skills and experience required to undertake aviation projects from strategic planning to delivery of operations across the Middle East and Asia.

-          Business Strategy Development

-          CNS ATM Strategy

-          Air Traffic Management strategic planning

-          Corporatisation and privatization strategy

-          ANSP organisation review and transition

-          Bi-lateral affairs management

-          Policy and Regulatory development

-          Standards evolution, audit and compliance

-          Strategic Risk identification & mitigation

-          Institutional reviews and strengthening

-          Government & International relations

-          Go-to-market strategy

-          Bid Development

-          M&A and post-merger integration planning

-          Safety Management Assessment

operational support

Our operational support consultancy spans planning of ATS routes and design of airspace structures, capacity analyses and simulations, operational transition planning and familiarization training.

Some of our key services for our customers include:

-          System design and implementation

-          Strategy and policy development

-          Performance improvement

-          Regulatory planning

-          Regulatory impact assessments

-          Environmental impact assessments

-          Investment cases and financial assessments

-          Safety cases and safety management systems (SMS)

-          Operational concept development

-          Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM)

references and experience of our consultants


Middle East

Development of Air Transport Policy and Assessment of Opportunities for Air Transport Liberalization (2014)

Market Study and Strategy Development for the implementation of air traffic managed services (2014)


North Asia

International Airport – CNS/ATM System (2001)

Aerodromes Assessment: External Audit (2009)

Integrated Noise Model (INM) Workshop (2009)

Next Generation ATC Automation System (2009)

Study of Operational Requirement under Dynamic and Flexible Use of En-route Sector (2013)


South East Asia

Strategic Study for the Development of capital airports (2010)

Ministry of Transportation: Technical Support  (2010)

CNS/ATM System (2006)

Airport’s Integrated Air Traffic Control System (2004)

Area and Approach Control Centre (2003)

CNS/ATM System (1997)



CNS/ATM System (2000)

ADS-B country-wide implementation (2004)

testimonials of our customers


“Frank has the right personality for this industry, he thinks technically and provides solutions as well as creates long term relationships over time. I spent a few years working with Frank and was impressed with his attention to details, and also how everyone working with Frank left feeling like they had a new friend. Frank has a professionalism and integrity in his work that is enviable.”

Senior Marketing Director at International Aerospace MNC


"Frank is an outstanding strategic thinker always looking ahead for growth opportunities. We met when I was Head of Air Traffic Management. Since then our paths have crossed several times and Frank has always shown an outstanding business acumen and a clear strategic vision. With International Telecommunication MNC, under my leadership, he has proven once and again his ability to deliver results in a variety of international businesses under extreme conditions. He is a highly motivated executive who always goes the extra mile to achieve his goals. Hard work, vision, tenacity backed up with a proven track record of results have propelled Frank throughout his career."

Global Transformation Lead at International Telecommunication MNC


"Frank has in-depth knowledge of the industry and very strong customer interaction skill. He has a good understanding of the cross-cultural environment, clearly demonstrated in the success in the challenging key North Asian markets like Hong Kong and Taiwan. Furthermore, his strong business acumen has enabled him to build a sustainable and healthy pipeline.  The combination of domain knowledge and business ability have made Frank an invaluable asset to the organization."

Managing Director & Chief Representative, Greater China at International Aviation MNC